WBFW is committed to serving the Service Member and their immediate family

WBFW focuses on Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy Re-balancing and reconnecting with himself or herself after War experiences using Holistic and Integrative Medicine techniques, modalities and educational workshops.

Benefits you may experience:

  • Reconnect back to your SELF
  • Re-learn your Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy Connection
  • decreased symptoms of PTSD
  • improved sleep
  • decreased pain
  • improved physical mobility and strength
  • decreased headaches, and associated symptoms of TBI
    • increased concentration
    • increased problem-solving
    • increased ability to multi-task
  • increased self-awareness
  • decreased stress reactions with balancing the human stress system
  • balancing the autonomic nervous system
  • decreased irritability
  • decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Understanding the body and the brain after deployment
  • improved overall health and feelings of well-being


Finding Balance and Restoring and maintaining Strength after Service of the Warrior.

Event & Classes

Operation Well-Being

Thursday, May 10, 2018 Come join friends, family, and supporters of Well-Being For Warriors for our 1st Annual Fundraiser- Operation: Well-Being! We are raising funds to provide holistic healing services...

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Recent Blog

Why Veterans Need Bodywork

First, let’s define “BodyWork”. Wikipedia definition: “In alternative medicine, bodywork is any therapeutic or personal manipulative therapy, breath work, or energy medicine.” Basically, it is a hands-on approach using a...

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