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    For Veterans with PTSD, MST, TBI’s, and Chronic Pain

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We provide free services to veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam wars designed to help them re-align and restore their Body, Mind, Spirit and Energy to live to their best potential and, ultimately, prevent suicide.
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Well-Being for Warriors is an integrated program to help veterans realign, rebalance their bodies, heart and soul back into their lives.


Using a holistic approach, a team of dedicated and experienced Integrative and Holistic healthcare practitioners offer services addressing the needs of the whole person in their healing process.

Learning about Healing


Healing is restoration of Body, Mind, Spirit and Energy (BSME). Healing is about working toward rebalancing of the whole person, always working toward individual functioning at their fullest potential. Healing is on physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels and includes God and nature with your own inner self and knowingness.

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WBFW addresses these wounds using a variety of modalities, approaches and disciplines along with individual and group classes to educate and empower the self to return to a renewed life. All WBFW practitioners have had their own personal healing journey and life challenges which they use to see the whole person to facilitate realignment and healing.

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Symptoms may include:
  • feeling disconnected from SELF, family, friends, environment
  • symptoms of PTSD and MST
  • difficulty with and interrupted sleep
  • pain
  • physical mobility and strength issues
  • headaches and associated symptoms of TBI
  • difficulty with concentration and ability to focus
  • difficulty with problem-solving
  • decreased self-awareness
  • stress reactions – reactive, irritable, can’t relax
  • irritability or feeling numb
  • symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • addictions to quiet the mind and body – to get away from
    feelings, emotional and/or physical pain

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date of event   WBFW is committed to serving the Service Member and their immediate family WBFW focuses on Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy Re-balancing and reconnecting with himself or herself...

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