Well-Being for Warriors  is an integrated program to help veterans realign, rebalance their bodies, heart and soul back into their lives.

Using a holistic approach, a team of dedicated and experienced Integrative and Holistic healthcare practitioners offer services addressing the needs of the whole person in their healing process.

What is healing?

Healing is restoration of Body, Mind, Spirit and Energy (BSME). Healing is about  working toward rebalancing of the whole person, always working toward individual functioning at their fullest potential. Healing is on physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels and includes God and nature with your own inner self and knowingness.

Veterans suffer from physical wounds, emotional wounds, spiritual wounds. Each one affects the other. When one area of BMSE is effected, the whole person is effected and has difficulty function in daily life. Symptoms may be physical pain and limitations, emotional, and spiritual. Symptoms interfere with the veteran being able to be clear-minded, focus, relate to family, friends or co-workers.

Symptoms may include:

  • feeling disconnected from SELF, family, friends, environment
  • symptoms of PTSD and MST
  • difficulty with and interrupted sleep
  • pain
  • physical mobility and strength issues
  • headaches and associated symptoms of TBI
  • difficulty with concentration and ability to focus
  • difficulty with problem-solving
  • limited ability to multi-task – easily distracted
  • decreased self-awareness
  • stress reactions – reactive, irritable, can’t relax
  • irritabililty or feeling numb
  • symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • addictions to quiet the mind and body – to get away from feelings, emotional and/or physical pain

WBFW addresses these wounds using a variety of modalities, approaches and disciplines along with individual and group classes to educate and empower the self to return to a renewed life.

WBFW Practitioners arise from a variety of backgrounds and uniqueness. All practitioners of WBFW have had their own personal healing journey and life challenges which they bring to the table offering their experience in seeing the whole person to facilitate realignment and healing.



WBFW is committed to serving the Service Member and their immediate family

WBFW focuses on Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy Re-balancing and reconnecting with himself or herself after War experiences using Holistic and Integrative Medicine techniques, modalities and educational workshops.

Benefits you may experience:

  • Reconnect back to your SELF
  • Re-learn your Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy Connection
  • decreased symptoms of PTSD
  • improved sleep
  • decreased pain
  • improved physical mobility and strength
  • decreased headaches, and associated symptoms of TBI
    • increased concentration
    • increased problem-solving
    • increased ability to multi-task
  • increased self-awareness
  • decreased stress reactions with balancing the human stress system
  • balancing the autonomic nervous system
  • decreased irritabililty
  • decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Understanding the body and the brain after deployment
  • improved overall health and feelings of well-being


Finding Balance and Restoring and maintaining Strength after Service of the Warrior.

What is Well-Being for Warriors

I have a special place in my heart for our soldiers after working with them while on active duty as a US Army Physical Therapist.  Re-entering life as it was after being in combat situation in foreign and hostile countries is not easy. Add to that thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories with physical and emotional trauma while trying to “get back to normal” in our daily lives with jobs, family, friends, taking care of the house, mowing the lawn and just being in the community.

Well-Being for Warriors uses Holistic Integrative Medicine to help heal the body and soul to navigate through transition at home.  This work has proven to help the soldier restore his/her own sense of being with less charge of the past stresses and traumas.  He/She can re-balance and restore function to feel the joys of life with family, work and play with a renewed sense of purpose.

We believe this work can profoundly effect healing and restoration for our wounded warriors.

Well-Being for Warriors is pending Non-profit 401c and is applying for Grants to provide this service to veterans and their families at minimal cost.


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